Our Charity Partners

Hauling Junk for a Good Cause

Our Furniture donation pick up Services help you give back

We strive to donate as many of your items that we lug away as possible. Not only is this beneficial to your local community, as those in need receive much-needed furniture, clothing, and other items, it is also great for the environment. By donating your unwanted possessions, we are keeping useful items out of landfills. Last year alone, we managed to keep over ten million pounds of junk out of the landfill as part of our large furniture donation pick up services.

Included in that 10,000,000 pounds of would-be garbage were:

  • Couches donated to formerly homeless veterans
  • Toys donated to children
  • Shoes donated to the homeless

Not only are your items going to a great cause, but you are also benefiting in the form of a tax-deductible receipt! You pay us to donate large furniture and remove your items, and for your part in choosing an eco-friendly solution to your junk removal needs, we are happy to pay it forward and pass along the savings to you. The tax-deductible receipt can sometimes off-set most of the cost of our large furniture donation pick up services, depending on the items we are able to donate on your behalf!

Is your favorite local charity not listed below? Let us know! We are happy to reach out and form more lasting relationships with local charity partners in your community.

Charities We Work With: