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How to help a hoarder: Supportive hoarding cleanup services & junk removal

A hoarding situation can become so overwhelming that it can impact a homeowner's family, relationships, and overall well-being. If you or someone you know is struggling with hoarding, The Junkluggers can help. Our organization has been helping to declutter spaces with compassion since 2004, allowing us to safely and sensitively help others step into a cleaner, stress-free home with compassionate and supportive hoarding cleanup services.

If you're looking for help with a hoarding cleanout situation, contact The Junkluggers team today. We offer free on-site hoarding cleanout estimates in your area. Once we arrive at the home, our professional luggers will quickly assess the situation and give you an estimate based on your exact needs. If you decide not to move forward with The Junkluggers hoarding cleanout services, that's not a problem. Estimates are obligation-free. To book your free on-site estimate, contact our junk removal team today!

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Hoarding cleanups can be overwhelming. Let The Junkluggers help!

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What is hoarding?

If you have dealt with a hoarding situation, you know that the sheer number of items can be overwhelming. Hoarders may have problems differentiating between crucial items, which can result in clutter, stress, and isolation. It's essential to remember that people who hoard usually hang on to items for the same reasons as everyone else:

  • For sentimental value
  • For efficiency value
  • For aesthetic value

No matter the reason for hoarding, The Junkluggers knows how to help a hoarder, with over a decade of experience in this industry. Our considerate specialists offer careful and thoughtful hoarding cleanup services to help you and your loved ones declutter.

The Junkluggers offers compassionate hoarding cleanup services.

Eco-friendly help for hoarding

Waste prevention is particularly important to people who are coping with hoarding. The Junkluggers in your city can offer peace of mind with eco-friendly junk removal services, including hoarding cleanouts, attic and basement cleanouts, furniture and appliance removal, and more. No matter the size or complexity of the cleanout or junk removal project, our expert luggers make every effort to donate, recycle, or repurpose the items we collect. If an item can't be recycled or donated, we do our best to ensure it's disposed of responsibly.

It can be difficult to see a loved one living in a cluttered space. While our mission at The Junkluggers is to keep items out of landfills, please know that our first priority will be to act with empathy and sensitivity during this potentially stressful time. You can count on us to help you and your loved ones with hoarding.

Your local Junkluggers company can help with hoarders.

Hoarding Cleanout FAQs

Your local Junkluggers offers hoarding cleanouts, helping homeowners navigate the disposal process. Our professional, compassionate team will haul out items and dispose of them for you, ensuring the situation is handled with care and compassion.

Your local Junkluggers offers free on-site estimates based on your unique situation, giving you an accurate depiction of how much our cleanout services cost. Enter your zip code above to find your local junk removal team and schedule your free on-site estimate today.

Your local Junkluggers is trained for potentially sensitive situations such as this. With more than a decade of experience, we know how to help with hoarders. We can help get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible, meaning you won't have to lift a finger. Find your local removal team by searching your zip code above.

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