About The Junkluggers™ of Greater Seattle

Trustworthy advocates for our community & planet

The Junkluggers is an eco-friendly junk removal company committed to providing an elevated customer experience and bettering the environment and communities we serve.

With sustainable disposal services, you can easily discard unwanted junk of all kinds — and feel good about it! Our team of friendly professionals will remove your junk and donate it to local nonprofits and charities. If we can't donate or repurpose an item, we'll make every effort to ensure it's carefully broken down and recycled.

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Eco-Friendly Junk Removal in Sammamish, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Beyond

At The Junkluggers of Greater Seattle, we take pride in being more than just another junk removal company. We are your trusted partners in stress-free, eco-friendly junk removal. Our mission is simple: make the junk removal process easy and environmentally responsible, which means keeping your unwanted items out of landfills by donating and recycling as much as we can.

Join us in creating a cleaner, greener, and clutter-free Greater Seattle. Let The Junkluggers be your go-to solution for all your junk removal needs. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and experience the difference of working with a junk removal company that cares. Together, we can make a positive impact on our community and the environment, one lugged item at a time!

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Trusted Junk Removal in Sammamish, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Beyond

No junk removal job is too big or small for us. Whether you need to clear out clutter from your home, office, retail space, or construction site, we've got the skills and training to get it done. From furniture and appliances to electronic waste and construction debris, we'll lug it all with care and professionalism.

As a locally-owned and operated business, we are deeply rooted in the community. We understand the unique needs of our neighbors, and we take the time to build strong relationships with our customers. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we won't rest until we've exceeded your expectations.

So if you need sustainable junk removal services, contact The Junkluggers of Greater Seattle for a free estimate today!

The Junkluggers Story

From a one-man project to a nationwide franchise

The idea for The Junkluggers came to CEO Josh Cohen like a bolt of lightning while he was studying in Australia during a semester abroad from the University of Connecticut. He and his friends were drinking boxed wine and singing to a friend's guitar when one of them mentioned making $100 for lugging away a neighbor's fridge. Josh then thought, "Hey, I can do that!"

Inspired, Josh built his business from the ground up in 2004, first by borrowing his mom's SUV. Then he added a trailer for bigger jobs, hand-stenciling the company name on the wooden sides his dad helped him build. A year later, Josh purchased Old Rusty, a (mostly) reliable dump truck that wasn't much to look at but got the job done.

From his very first job, it was clear that the "junk" he was hauling away was often so much more than that to his customers. He realized he was often removing memories and items that had a lot of sentimental value. That's why he's passionate about treating their property with care while striving to keep as much of it out of landfills as possible.

Early on, he spent a lot of one-on-one time helping a customer clear out her home to sell after her husband of 48 years passed away. Another client was cleaning out her basement after all her kids had left for college. While Josh carefully carried their belongings up and out, his customers would follow him and talk fondly about the family memories from each box, toy, closet of clothes, or piece of furniture. As they reminisced, he knew in his heart that he couldn't just throw all those memories away. This is where The Junkluggers story began.

Pioneers in sustainable junk removal

Whether it's a few items or a truckload, you can trust our kind and courteous team to treat your junk removal project with the care and attention it deserves. That's why communities have counted on us for over 15 years.

We do what it takes to provide our customers with a friendly, professional experience that benefits both the community and the environment. From our awesome, big-hearted staff and can't miss 'em bright green trucks to our commitment to sustainability, The Junkluggers experience is unmatched.

You can count on The Junkluggers to deliver:

  • Eco-friendly junk disposal services
  • Courteous & professional customer experience
  • Free on-site estimates for all services
  • Relationships with local charities
  • Donation receipts within 14 days
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

It's time to break up with your stuff — let The Junkluggers help! Book your free on-site estimate today to get started.

Making the world a better place, one junk removal project at a time

At The Junkluggers, we've been known to dream big. Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to keep 100% of reusable items out of landfills. Having a strong set of core values is critical to helping us make that dream a reality. They act as guidelines for making big decisions, helping to lead our company toward success. Every part of our organization embodies these core values; it's who we are and how we serve.

The Junkluggers Core Values

Mensch is "a person of integrity and honor." A person who does what is right, even when no one is looking.

We strive to build a fun, energetic work environment and help each other grow. We care about and respect one another and are committed to transparent communication. A happy team creates happy customers. Everyone wins and we love to celebrate the wins!

We provide remarkable service that makes our customers say, "WOW". It's our goal to enhance customers' lives in every way we can.

We take great pride and responsibility in the opportunity to give back and make a difference. Our team is passionate about our mission which benefits local communities, future generations, and the planet. We have a great business, and we do good at the same time.

We are driven by our entrepreneurial spirit and a never-ending thirst for learning. We are not afraid to make mistakes because they are part of continuous improvement and growth.

We believe that you have to GO FOR IT every single day, and we hustle efficiently by focusing on things that make an impact. We're hungry and motivated, so look out because we're on a (green) mission!

We all face tough times. We recognize, respect, and confront life's challenges head-on, then charge forward with our foot on the gas. We take ownership and we get better, not bitter. We don't stop, we don't give up, and we press on!

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