ZERO-TOUCH Residential Curbside Pickup

Choose Curbside pickup with The Junkluggers and save!

The Junkluggers offers convenient ZERO-TOUCH Curbside pickup – it’s easy, just leave your items outside and we’ll do the rest.

Many customers are currently working from home or staying at home with the kids and need spring cleaning more than ever! With our easy Curbside pickup option, customers can enjoy The Junkluggers’ trustworthy and reliable service. No need for you to be home or to come outside - just leave your items at the curb! Our luggers will arrive, provide a free onsite estimate and, with your approval, we’ll lug your items away.

As with our full-service junk removal pickup, we do our best to donate and recycle as many of your items as possible and will send you a tax-deductible receipt for any items donated on your behalf!

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5 simple steps for junk removal

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How curbside junk pickup works

1.   Give us a call to briefly describe your item and schedule a time for pickup.

2.   Bring your items to the curb before 8 am on the scheduled pickup day. For many of our customers, it is easier for them to bring the items out the day before. *To receive the Curbside Discount, all items must be at the curb

3.   Our luggers will come onsite and provide a free estimate. With your approval, they will proceed with lugging your items away.

4.   Since you may not be home or want to come outside at the time of pickup, we do require a credit card on file that we will charge once all the items are loaded in our truck. 

5.   We always do our best to donate or recycle your items and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt within 14 business days. Since weather can become a factor when items are outside, protecting your items from the elements with a tarp will greatly increase the odds of your item being accepted by a local donation center. Our junk removal professionals will fold up the tarp up and securely place it by your door unless you provide us with other specific instructions.

All items must be outside before 8 AM on your scheduled pickup day. Items must be placed together at the curb. We are not able to take hazardous materials. Credit card must be on file if you are not onsite at the time of pickup.  

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