Remix Market

Paving a New Path for Unwanted Items

At The Junkluggers™, we're not just your ordinary junk removal company – we're on a mission to positively impact both the environment and the local communities we serve. Our dedication to keeping items out of landfills drives us to find innovative solutions, and that's why we created Remix Market.

Remix Market™, a Junkluggers company, enables us to rehome and recycle to minimize what ends up in a landfill. Whether donating, recycling, or reselling, Remix Market is focused on the same mission as The Junkluggers — to enhance lives, our communities, and the environment by donating, recycling, and supporting local charities.

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A Creative Solution to a Growing Problem

Every day, an astounding amount of household and commercial "junk" ends up in landfills. And in our journey in the junk removal business, we've encountered a challenge: not every item we collect can be accepted by traditional donation centers or charity partners. Furniture that may be slightly damaged, too worn, or even items that donation centers are overstocked with often get turned away. We saw an opportunity to make a difference.

Remix Market is a furniture and home decor resale store that was born out of the need to give perfectly good items a second chance. Any items that can't be accepted by The Junkluggers' local donation centers, charity partners, or recycling centers are carefully evaluated for their potential at Remix Market. A percentage of sales from these items are donated to local charity partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have hundreds of donation centers and charity partners nationwide, including national and local organizations.

We work with many charity partners, donation centers, and recycling centers. Based on strong relationships with our local charity partners, we know what they need and what they don't. If they are overstocked with dressers but need desks, that's exactly what we bring them.

We also have a variety of recycling partners who accept metals, electronics, and more. We look at individual items to determine how to make the biggest impact on our community while caring for our planet. We consider each item case by case and find the best way to keep it out of a landfill.

Our inventory at Remix Market is diverse and constantly changing. Typically you'll find furniture and home décor, including vintage pieces, estate treasures, and gently used furnishings. To shop local secondhand treasures, visit to see if there's a location near you.