The Junkluggers of Williamsburg Piano Removal Services

Piano Removal That’s Music To Your Ears

Pianos are beautiful instruments; however, when it's time to part ways due to a move, an upgrade, or any other reason, the process can be daunting. Don't worry — that's where The Junkluggers of Williamsburg comes in!

At The Junkluggers of Williamsburg, we understand the unique challenges of piano disposal and recycling, which is why we are equipped with the right tools and experience to make it effortless for you. If you're ready to sing goodbye to your piano, trust us to handle the job.

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Seamless Piano Removal, Disposal, & Recycling

When you choose The Junkluggers for your piano removal needs, you can feel confident that the process will be smooth and hassle-free. We understand that pianos are not just ordinary pieces of furniture; they often hold sentimental value and memories. Instead of automatically sending your piano to a landfill, we explore recycling and donation options whenever possible. By choosing The Junkluggers, you contribute to a greener tomorrow while creating more space in your home!

Pianos We Take:

  • Upright Pianos
  • Grand Pianos
  • Baby Grand Pianos
  • Organs & Console Pianos
  • Digital Pianos
  • Electric Keyboards

How it works

  1. Insured + Professionally Trained

    Our team of luggers is trained in handling pianos of all sizes and types.

  2. Safe Disassembly

    If your piano needs to be disassembled before removal, our team is skilled in safely taking it apart. We handle each piece with care to avoid any damage.

  3. Specialized Equipment

    Pianos can be heavy and awkward to move. That's why we come prepared with specialized equipment to safely handle the lifting and loading.

  4. Respect for Your Property

    We understand piano removal often occurs in homes, apartments, or other personal spaces. Our team will treat your property respectfully, ensuring minimal disruption and leaving the area clean and tidy.

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At The Junkluggers, we believe in sustainable practices and aim to keep pianos out of landfills whenever possible. Our commitment to a better, greener future means we prioritize recycling and donating pianos whenever feasible. When you choose us for your piano removal needs, you contribute to a more environmentally responsible approach to disposal.

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