How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

Convenient, affordable junk removal - How The Junkluggers pricing works

The Junkluggers will always be upfront about the cost of our junk removal services and remain transparent throughout the entire process. You'll receive a free on-site estimate for approval before any items are removed, so you'll know exactly what to expect.

The Junkluggers prices are based on the size and number of items you need removed and how much room is taken up in The Junkluggers truck. The truck holds the contents of a studio apartment or small one-bedroom apartment.

Hiring The Junkluggers for your junk removal project will save you from:

  • Multiple trips to donation centers, recycling facilities, and your local municipalities
  • Figuring out who is open and when
  • Taking your items outside for pickup
  • Wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Coordinating payment of fees and charges
  • Time and effort organizing and doing all of this yourself!

So, how much do we charge for junk removal?

What you pay for junk removal by your trusted Junkluggers company depends on the size and number of items you need removed, as well as how much room is taken up in our iconic green trucks. All labor, dump fees, and time are included in our pricing and every junk removal project includes:

  • Two professionally trained, insured, and friendly luggers.
  • A free on-site estimate for your approval before we start lugging. Your final price will never be more than the written estimate.
  • All the heavy lifting! Our able-bodied luggers will load your items into our specially outfitted truck so you don't need to lift a finger.
  • Sorting your items for donation, recycling, repurposing, or proper disposal as we load them into the truck.
  • Utilizing our close relationships with local donation centers and bringing eligible items right to their door.
  • Transporting eligible items to a local recycling facility.

Our Green Guarantees

Here at The Junkluggers, we make sure you get the best value for your money. Price assurance is a pillar of our Green Guarantees, along with 100% satisfaction, and on-time arrival.

Your friendly local luggers are ready to work and will arrive at the agreed-upon time, guaranteed to provide your free estimate.

Point them in the direction of your project so they can review the items you'd like removed and provide a written estimate. If the written quote is agreed upon, they'll typically remove your items right then and there.

For large or commercial jobs, luggers may need to schedule a date and time to return. You will never be charged more than our initial, on-site quote. In fact, if your items take up less room in our truck than we initially estimated, we'll charge you the lower amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you call prior to booking, a representative can likely provide a price range based on the items you describe.

Heavy Construction Material: For heavy construction/ dense material, luggers can load the truck only to a maximum depth of one foot. Examples of heavy construction/dense materials include masonry products, gravel, concrete, brick, soil/ dirt, tiles, and shingles.

Labor and moving with no removal services rendered: If you need an item like a new couch or table in your house moved from one place to another after we remove your junk, our luggers would be happy to help. Any substantial extra labor like the preparation of items for removal (including deconstructing furniture, bagging items, carpet removal, and other similar tasks) will be billed at an hourly rate.

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