Dumpster Rental Alternative for Homes & Renovation Projects

Consider our junk removal alternatives & ditch that dumpster!

Have a major demo, cleanout, or junk hauling project coming up and want to avoid the hassle of a dumpster rental? The Junkluggers can help! You'll save time with comprehensive junk removal services, including total cleanouts whether at your home or business. Most junk removal projects can be completed in just one appointment - no dumpster sitting in your driveway for days. Best of all, you won't have to break a sweat!

When you work with The Junkluggers, you can expect transparency and honesty. We provide free on-site estimates for every junk removal project. If you don't like what we propose, you can choose not to move forward - no obligations and no hard feelings! We only haul away your items after you've given the go-ahead. To book your free on-site estimate, contact The Junkluggers today!

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Dumpsters can be an eyesore, are costly, and require you to do all the heavy lifting yourself! Choose The Junkluggers as your dumpster alternative and you won't have to lift a finger.

5 simple steps for junk removal

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The Junkluggers' dumpster rental alternative helps you avoid:

  • Expensive dumpster rental fees for your home or business
  • The hassle of an unsightly dumpster on your property
  • Expensive dumping fees & countless trips to the landfill
  • Days of waiting for your dumpster to arrive

Sustainable junk removal services

Getting rid of unwanted junk by yourself can be an incredibly daunting task. The Junkluggers can save you the hassle of removing broken appliances, bulky furniture, and other cumbersome items from your home or business. In addition to being fast and reliable, our junk removal services are eco-friendly.

Our luggers make every effort to donate and recycle as many of your unwanted items as possible. If we are unable to donate or recycle something, we do our absolute best to ensure it's disposed of responsibly.

Dumpster Alternative FAQs

When you rent a self-service dumpster, it's up to you to remove your junk and load it yourself. With standard junk removal services, The Junkluggers will arrive by truck and remove the junk for you, then ferry it away to donation and recycling centers for applicable items.

Still need just a dumpster, but not the team? In participating locations, The Junkluggers offers dumpster rentals, too. We will drop a dumpster off at your desired location and haul it away when you've loaded it up. It's as easy as that! To find out if your local Junkluggers offers dumpster rentals, enter your zip code above.

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Get rid of unwanted junk with The Junkluggers

Want to help your junk removal project run smoother and save your back from all the lifting? Let The Junkluggers help! Contact us today to book your efficient, user-friendly dumpster rental alternative!

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