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Yard Junk Removal in Fabens, TX

This customer found us on Thumbtack and scheduled an appointment with us to come take a look at some items she was wanting to offload in an effort to begin decluttering. We were happy to help! You can connect with The Junkluggers of El Paso in lots of different ways - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, Yelp, on our website, or give us a call! Anyway that you do, we'll be there in a flash!

Junk Removal in Canutillo, TX

This customer moved into their home but it still had 15 years of stuff from previous owners in it! He needed it gone, and multiple trips to the dump himself didn't seem appealing. Especially while working three jobs, one of which is as an EMT during COVID-19! The Junkluggers of El Paso were happy to help. 45 minutes later, a whole lot more space is now available!

Moving junk removal in far east El Paso

Ahhh, that new home smell! You know, it's like the new car smell - just bigger! Well, this customer is smelling that right now and what a beautiful home it is! But, what else comes along with moving besides that cool smell? Lots and lots of packing material, that's what! Tons of boxes and bags and bags of packing debris on this one! Happy to make it disappear and help get this new house into the "home" stretch!

Dirt Haul Off in East El Paso, TX

Most people know by now that we take furniture and appliances. But we also take lots of green waste, too! So, if you've trimmed up some trees or shaved your palms or dug up a whole pile of dirt but aren't sure what to do with that stuff now, give us a call or make an appointment online and we can come by and help you out!

Lover's quarrel cleanup in east El Paso

This was an interesting one! The client and his significant other/housemate had a...uh...falling out. And, when tempers flare, sometimes things get broke. In this case, pretty much everything got broke. Our client came home to find the apartment in this state and was desperate for help. That's what we're here for! We hadn't dealt with a case quite like this, but it certainly was within our wheelhouse. Hoping the best for everyone involved in this one!

Total Before & After Sets: 120