Help for Hoarders

Are You or Is Someone You Know a Hoarder?

Most of use have some clutter in our homes, but for some people this disorganization and accumulation of items has taken over the whole house.  For people with homes so cluttered they become overwhelming to themselves or others, this can affect their family relationships, friendships, and raise daily stress levels.

Often we help clean out homes that could be classified as hoarding situations. Through these experiences we have learned how to safely and sensitively use our expertise to help individuals and families step into a cleaner, more stress-free living situation. If you are wondering if you or someone you know might be a hoarder, keep reading.

Hoarding has three components:

  1. Acquiring possessions compulsively – constantly buying or collecting free things.
  2. Saving all these possessions and never discarding anything.
  3. Struggling to organize and maintain all the saved possessions.

People who hoard keep things for the same reason as anyone else:

  1. For sentimental value – the hoarder has an emotional attachment to the items or saves them to remember an important life event.
  2. For utility value – the item is, or could be, useful.
  3. For aesthetic value – the item is considered to be attractive or beautiful.

If you hoard, you probably have problems organizing and maintaining all your possessions. First of all, the shear number of items can be overwhelming. A hoarder can have problems categorizing – necessary for organizing – seeing each item as unique. The result is chaos and clutter that causes stress and isolation.

Part of the problem for hoarders is that they find it hard to make decisions about what to do with their possessions, like whether to keep something or throw it away. A hoarder may feel that something bad will happen if they discard an item or it may feel like a part of their identity will be lost. If a hoarder has a past experience of throwing something out and regretting it later, this is likely to increase their distress.

What happens to all that stuff and how can The Junkluggers help?

We recognize that preventing waste is of particular importance to people coping with hoarding issues and The Junkluggers makes every effort to divert useful items from the landfill.

Our luggers set up staging areas on most jobs involving hoarding cases so that items can be properly and easily sorted. Gently-used items are donated to local charities and recyclable items, including scrap metal, wood, plastic, and electronics, are recycled. However, due to the nature of hoarding, some items may be so soiled that they must be thrown away.

Let The Junkluggers help you with your hoarding needs. We can direct you to very qualified organizers who can make this decision something that is comfortable for you. We can work with you to make the transition to a clutter free, healthy lifestyle change.

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