E-Waste and E-Recycling


What is considered e-waste?

E-Waste we collect for proper disposal includes:

Why should I recycle my e-waste?

Electronic products are made from valuable and scarce resources, including rare metals, plastics, and glass, all of which require energy to mine and manufacture, releasing greenhouse gases into the environment. Properly recycling e-waste also conserves our limited natural resources and reduces the environmental impact associated with mining and processing new materials.

Most electronics contain components made of hazardous materials like lead, arsenic and mercury. Dumping these items in a landfill is extremely toxic to the environment. If these items are thrown out with the regular trash, they will be crushed, burned and recycled along with other materials that may be reused, but in the process, the mishandled e-waste can release very harmful gases resulting in air and water pollution. Adhering by these guidelines reduces environmental and human health impacts from improper recycling and increases access to reusable and refurbished equipment to those who need it.

What do you do with my e-waste?

We bring your e-waste to facilities that properly dispose of and recycle the component parts according to strict EPA regulations. Once it arrives at the e-recycling facility, your items are sorted by type, stripped of component parts like rare metals, glass and plastics, then each component is safely collected or melted down and recycled into new parts.

Please note that for security purposes, we do recommend that you erase any personal information from hard drives in computers that we will be removing from your home or office.

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Our Green Guarantees

Donation Receipts

We donate and recycle as much of what we lug from your home or office as possible, providing you with a donation receipt for any items accepted on your behalf within 14 business days of the service.

* Ultimately, the donation centers we partner with have the final say on what items they accept. We cannot guarantee your items will be donated and a donation receipt provided, but we will do our very best to find a second home for your items..

On-Time Arrival

If we do not arrive when we say we will, we will provide you with a discount for the inconvenience. If we arrive up to 30 minutes late, we provide an automatic 5% off the total bill. If we arrive more than 30 minutes late, we provide an automatic 10% off.

*Does not apply for same day bookings and changed appointments.

Price Assurance

If we quote you an on-site estimate, we guarantee the final price will never be more than the price originally quoted on-site. In fact, sometimes you will even pay less if your items take up less space in our trucks than we originally estimated.

*Items added AFTER an agreement on price has been reached are subject to price change.

100% Satisfaction

We have a genuine passion for customer service and a genuine passion for the environment.

We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction in any job we do. If you aren't 100% satisfied, let us know and we will make it right.

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