Tree Stump Removal

Eco-Friendly Tree Stump Removal

You finally got that leaning oak cut down just in time for hurricane season, but now you have an unsightly stump taking up space in your otherwise beautiful yard. What to do? Give us a call! The Junkluggers will remove tree stumps at our heavy/dense material pricing.

Please note that we do not offer landscaping services. We can remove tree stumps only after they have been removed from the ground and are cut into manageable pieces.

Don’t load up all that dirty wood into your own car, give The Junkluggers a call instead! In fact, even if you were to load up stumps into your own car, most local dumps will not accept organic waste. But you’re in luck! We can remove any kind of yard debris for you, whether it’s dirt, leaves, sticks, or shrubbery, and make sure it gets brought to a place where it can be composted, used as fertilizer or turned into mulch.

Our friendly luggers are ready to help you remove yard debris of all kinds!

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