Tire Removal

Recycling Tires - used tire disposalWhether you have a tire or two laying around your garage or if you have a big ol’ tire mountain filling up the backyard – we can lug them all away for you! We take tires of all kinds including car tires, bike tires, and tires from larger machinery.

Tires are a huge burden on landfills. As they degrade they can trap methane and become toxic. They also take up a lot of space in the dump so many stations will not accept them. If you have some tires to remove, give us a call and we will get them off your property and take them to a recycling center on your behalf.

Tires can be recycled into basketball courts, hot melt asphalt, new shoe products, and even new tires. So help keep your tires out of the landfill – give us a call for a free no-obligation quote and we can lug your tires away for you in no time!

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