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Mar 2011

Junkluggers EXPERT PANEL: Spring into Spring, Organized and Clean!

With Spring cleaning on the mind and some of the implications that may hold, whether that means getting organized, interior design options, or even preparation for a home sale, the Junkluggers have reached out to an expert panel of top organizers to see what insights they might hold. Please feel free to check out their websites for more info about them. Featured (alphabetically) we have Matt Baier, Matt Baier Organizing; Jeffrey Calandra, ocd4life; Barbara Reich, Resourceful Consultants, Professional Organizing. JUNKLUGGERS:…

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May 2010

Get Your Clean On!!!

Four Easy Steps to Getting Your Clean On: Step 1: Start small – Don’t attempt to clear an entire house in one day. This can quickly squash your motivation and cause you to procrastinate. Do it in pieces. Clear out one room at a time starting with an easier one first so that you can stay motivated to move on to the next one. When you get to a bigger more difficult room, divide the area into three or four…

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