Peace, Love & Junk

Sarasota Charity Partners

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Services in Sarasota, FL!

In our beloved Sarasota, most of our unused (but reusable) items and furniture end up either sitting on the sidewalk or taking up space in a landfill. At The Junkluggers of Sarasota, we know there’s a better way.

We, along with our amazing charity partners, are proud to say we’re doing something to make our world more sustainable. The Junkluggers of Sarasota are always working to build a network of charities in service of our number one mission—to donate (or recycle) as many of our customers’ items as possible. We’re deeply passionate about our work—not only because it’s great for the environment, but because it benefits our local community, too.

About The Junkluggers’ Charity Partner - Suncoast Charities for Children

At The Junkluggers of Sarasota, we work hard to ensure those in need receive much-needed furniture, clothing, and critical items—and our customers get a tax-deductible receipt for every item we’re able to donate.

In the last year alone, The Junkluggers kept over 10 million pounds of furniture and junk out of landfills. We donated couches to formerly homeless veterans, brought toys to children in need, and delivered shoes and clothing to help keep our neighbors warm.

Wondering where your stuff will end up? What follows is a list of local non- profit agencies supported by Suncoast Charities for Children right here in the local community. These agencies serve over 5,000 children, teens, and adults with special needs right here in our own community. Incomes of many receiving services fall below the state poverty level. This really illustrates the impact that your furniture, “junk,” and other items can help to support.

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