Eco-Friendly Disposal in Hackensack, NJ

The Junkluggers® of Northern New Jersey are committed to environmentally safe practices. As Hackensack’s eco-friendly disposal service, we follow practices as green as our fleet of trucks. After each pick-up, we do all that we can to find a second home for used items, to keep recyclable materials out of local landfills, and to safely dispose of all e-waste items and hazardous materials.

Based out of Hackensack, NJ, our luggers offer eco-friendly disposal throughout northern New Jersey. Simply give us a call or book online for a pick-up anywhere in Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Morris County, and Passaic County.

Junkluggers loading eco-friendly disposal in Hackensack, NJ

Hackensack’s Eco-Friendly Disposal Service

We started The Junkluggers of Northern New Jersey with the belief that junk doesn’t need to be harmful to the environment. From our very first pick-up, we’ve maintained a commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Since then, our eco-friendly disposal services have been trusted by homeowners and businesses throughout Hackensack and northern New Jersey.

Here are three key ways we keep our disposal practices environmentally friendly:

  • Donations. It’s our goal to keep as many items as possible out of local landfills. As part of that goal, we source as many items as we can to donation centers in the Hackensack area. By donating items as part of our eco-friendly disposal services, we don’t just keep Hackensack green, we also provide for vulnerable members of the community. We will provide you with a tax-deductible receipt within 14 business days for any successful donations made on your behalf.
  • Recycling. While we do our best to donate as many items as possible, some items aren’t in any shape to find a second home. But that doesn’t mean those items belong in a landfill. Materials such as glass, plastic, paper, metals, and textiles can all be re-used. In keeping with our eco-friendly disposal practices, we source items made with these materials to recycling centers in the Hackensack area.
  • E-Waste. E-waste items contain a number of recyclable materials. They also tend to contain small amounts of hazardous materials, like mercury and/or arsenic. Any e-waste items we collect through our eco-friendly disposal pick-ups are taken to local e-recycling centers. These centers follow strict EPA guidelines, so that reusable materials get parted out and recycled, while hazardous materials are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • To book an eco-friendly disposal pick-up in Hackensack or elsewhere in northern New Jersey, contact our team today! Simply call us at 1-800-LUG-JUNK or book online to schedule a pick-up window for your items.