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Piano Removal Services in Bergen County

Trusted Junk Removal Services in Northern New Jersey

That giant piano was a good idea at the time. You got use out of it, put on a few good shows. But now you’re stuck with it and could use some extra room. Unfortunately, you can’t just push it out the door. You need the professional piano removal services of The Junkluggers. We specialize in removing large pieces of furniture from homes and businesses and can assist you with your piano. Whether it’s an upright or a baby grand, we’ve got it handled. Our team can carefully remove them from your home without damaging your walls or floors. We’ll make it look easy—and you’ll have your floor space back in no time.

Reliable & Trustworthy Services

If you’ve tried to move a piano on your own, you know a lot can go wrong. It requires a lot of care and precision to avoid damage or injuries. We can take the stress, risk, and work out of piano removals by providing trained professionals who know what it takes to properly dispose of a piano.

When you hire The Junkluggers of Northern New Jersey, you can count on us to:

  • Respect each home and business we enter as if it were our own
  • Offer same-day and next-day pickups
  • Guaranteed arrival window or you get a discount
  • Free on-site estimates so you’ll never be surprised

Eco-Friendly Furniture Removal

We are lovers of the planet and strive every day to keep New Jersey clean, which is why we’ve adopted eco-friendly disposal practices. After we remove your piano, we will try to refurbish and donate it to a local charity so that someone else can get joy out of your past pleasure. You’ll be provided with a tax-deductible receipt that will help to offset the cost of our services. If we are unable to donate it, we will be sure to recycle as much of the item as we can. Our goal is to eliminate landfill waste—and we are doing it one out-of-tune instrument at a time.

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