Mattress Removal in Charlotte

If you’ve got an old mattress that you need removed from your home, it’s time to call The Junkluggers of Charlotte. Our mattress removal services offer a zero-stress, zero-hassle solution to homeowners who need help getting rid of mattresses, bed frames, box springs, and other bedroom furniture. Simply give The Junkluggers of Charlotte a call or book a pick-up online to have our luggers take care of all the heavy lifting.

Our services are available in Charlotte and in nearby communities including Ballantyne, Concord, Statesville, Davidson, and Huntersville.

Charlotte’s Source for Mattress Removal

The Junkluggers of Charlotte makes mattress removal a breeze for homeowners. Our luggers are professionally trained, and work carefully when removing large, bulky items like mattresses and box springs. We take care to respect your home and belongings and work hard to ensure no damage when removing large items.

Booking Your Mattress Removal

At The Junkluggers of Charlotte, we make it easy to book mattress removal services. Most of the time, we can offer either same-day or next-day bookings for timely removal, or we can schedule pick-up for another time more convenient to your schedule.

Our bookings are based around a two-hour arrival window. On arrival, our luggers will provide you with a by-volume estimate for any items that you need removed. This estimate is guaranteed, so you will never pay more than the initial estimate provided by our team. If you agree to the estimate provided, our luggers will quickly go to work. Most mattress removals performed by The Junkluggers of Charlotte are completed in a matter of minutes, offering a quick and easy solution for removal of bedroom furniture.

Box Springs, Bed Frames & Other Furniture

If you have booked a pick-up through The Junkluggers of Charlotte, you can use the opportunity to get rid of any other items that you need to dispose of. Our luggers are happy to take other bedroom items like box springs, bed frames, night tables, and armoires. We can also take items from other areas in your home, including old tables, chairs, sofas, appliances, and electronics.

Mattress removal Charlotte

Eco-Friendly Mattress Removal

Did you know that the material in most mattresses can be recycled? As part of our commitment to eco-friendly practices, The Junkluggers of Charlotte aims to keep as many mattresses as possible out of landfills. We also do our best to find a second home for non-mattress items, including furniture and appliances, sourcing these items to local donation centers.

Book a mattress removal pick-up with The Junkluggers of Charlotte today. Call us at 1-800-LUG-JUNK (584-5865) or book online to reserve your pick-up window.