Eco-Friendly Disposal in Baltimore, MD

Looking for eco-friendly disposal options for old furniture, appliances, or clutter in the Baltimore area? Then it’s time to call The Junkluggers® of Central Maryland. Our luggers provide residents of Baltimore and its surrounding areas with convenient pick-up and eco-friendly disposal of old items, clutter, and debris. Whether you’re getting rid of an old fridge, junking outdated electronics, or clearing out your closet, we offer an eco-friendly and environmentally safe option for disposal.

The Junkluggers of Central Maryland offer eco-friendly disposal services to homeowners and businesses throughout Baltimore, MD and other central Maryland communities. Our service area covers Columbia, Annapolis, Ellicott City, Anne Arundel County, and Howard County.

Baltimore’s Eco-Friendly Disposal Service

Junkluggers donating furniture from their eco-friendly disposal Baltimore, MD

The color of our trucks isn’t the only thing green about The Junkluggers of Central Maryland. We’ve been committed to eco-friendly disposal practices since the day we made our first pick-up. Our luggers take pride in keeping the Baltimore area green and preventing your old items from finding a home in local landfills.

By partnering with donation, recycling, and e-recycling centers in the Baltimore area, we keep our disposal services eco-friendly.

  • Donations. At The Junkluggers of Central Maryland, it’s our goal to find a new home for as many of the items we collect as we can. As part of our eco-friendly donation practices, we donate gently-used items to donation centers and charities in the Baltimore area. Items we donate include furniture, appliances, clothing, and toys. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt, issued within 14 days of your pick-up, for any of the items we donate from your home or business.
  • Recycling. Our commitment to eco-friendly disposal and to keeping Baltimore green includes recycling materials like textiles, paper, metals, glass, and plastic. While we try to donate items before recycling them, some items aren’t in any shape for reuse. When items made from recyclable materials cannot be donated, we source them to local recycling centers so that the materials they’re made of can be reused for other items.
  • E-Waste. If you’re concerned about eco-friendly disposal of any e-waste items, don’t be. Our luggers source all e-waste to EPA-certified e-recycling facilities, where electronics are handled in an environmentally safe manner. At these facilities, the recyclable materials in modern electronics — like plastic, glass, and precious metals — are collected for reuse. Meanwhile, hazardous materials — like arsenic and mercury — are collected for safe, eco-friendly disposal, keeping them out of Baltimore’s local ecosystem.

Take advantage of the convenience and eco-friendly disposal services offered by our pick-up services in Baltimore and the rest of central Maryland. Call us today at 1-800-LUG-JUNK or book online to schedule your pick-up.