Junkluggers New York City

New York City, NY

Stop worrying about all that clutter right now! We are your friendly junk removal experts in New York City. Don’t want to get stuck with a fine for leaving your unwanted items on the curb? Need to leave your office or apartment broom clean at the end of your lease? Our luggers are trained to quickly and safely remove items form all kinds of spaces – including closet-sized Manhattan apartments! You and your building management can rest easy knowing that your items will be removed safely without any damage to hallways or lobbies. Plus, we do all the heavy lifting, so you don't have to worry about getting rid of that old sleeper-sofa from your 4th floor walkup.

We are also proud to be eco-friendly. We try to recycle or donate more than half of all the items we haul away. Not only do we make the process quick and painless for you, we also help local charities right here in the five boroughs of New York City by donating your items directly to those in need. And we also make sure you get a tax-deductible receipt for all the items that are donated on your behalf!

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