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BBQ Removal Garden City, ID

Curtis called the Junkluggers to remove a BBQ that the previous owner had enclosed and built a counter around to serve as an outdoor kitchen.  We were able to minimize the amount of stone that had to be taken off the outside of the block and remove the gas grill.  Now Curtis is able to have a new functioning grill installed in it's place.  

Curbside Pickup - Boise, ID

Andrea reached out to the Junkluggers to help get her space picked up before the holidays.  She had done some of the work already and had items set out on her driveway making it quick and easy to grab these items.  Andrea was great to work with and lots of fun with a contagious smile!

Rental Clean up Boise, ID

One of our commercial clients reached out to us frantically as their previous tenant had moved out of the rental property but didn't clean up the yard and left several items behind.  The items left would not be very sightly or welcoming to the new tenants.  One of the requirements was that the work had to be done quickly as the new tenants were moving in within the next couple of days.  

Our team jumped to the challenge and cleaned up several items that were left in the yard and on the front porch.  Items included a chair, cooler, trash, cigarette butts, dog waste and much more. See Jason delivering "service with a smile!"

Hot TUb Removal - Boise, ID

Kevin no longer needed this big hot tub.  He and is wife were going to be downsizing.  He called The Junkluggers to have the old one removed and to make room for the new, smaller hot tub!  We were happy to help by unhooking the hot tub and loading it onto our truck!

Treadmill Removal - Boise, ID

Our family had this treadmill for 14 years and it was time to upgrade to a new one.  The only problem was that it was too big for my husband and I to handle.  We called The Junkluggers and they took care of it very quickly and efficiently. 

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