Packing & Unpacking Services


Luggers Moving offers professional packing and unpacking services alongside our local moves and deliveries. Our skillful movers are meticulously trained to pack all of your belongings with care. We can pack up any room of your house ensuring that everything will be safe for the move ahead.

We provide all the packing materials needed including boxes, tape, wardrobe boxes, mattress covers, and more. Everything you own from the smallest knickknacks to the largest piece of furniture will be attentively wrapped and protected by our luggers to ensure a safe move.

Once we safely move your items to your new destination, we also offer unpacking services. After unpacking, we will discard of any empty boxes and packaging materials so that you are left with an immaculate new space that you can begin to make a home again. We will also help you assemble and move large items within your home.

With our junk removal service, we are also able to remove any items you do not wish to take with you to your new location. Save money on packing and unpacking the furniture you do not have room for in your new home by donating it to a local charity and receiving a tax deductible receipt!

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