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Probably the worst part of upgrading your washer and dryer is needing to get rid of the old pair. The Junkluggers of Kansas City is here to lug away your old washer and dryer so you don’t have to! We step in to haul away washing machines that have already been detached from water lines and dryers that have already been detached from vents. No matter where in your home your washer and dryer are located, our professionals have the training and equipment to safely remove them.

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Upgrading Your Units Has Never Been Easier

Older models of washers and dryers are not energy efficient. You might be paying big money on your electrical bills because of them. When you decide to upgrade your units to a better model, call on The Junkluggers of Kansas City to haul away the old ones. We make choosing to upgrade your major appliances even easier!

Eco-Responsible Junk Lugging Services in Kansas City

You can save your back a lot of trouble by letting The Junkluggers of Kansas City handle your washer and dryer removal. We don’t just save you from muscle sores, though, we also save the environment. Whenever we collect an unwanted item for removal, we first see if we can take it to a local donation center. If not, we check with local recycling center to see what parts can be recycled.

For many old washers and dryers in working condition, a donation is possible. If we donate your washer and/or dryer, you get the tax deductible receipt! Since major appliances are usually made of some sort of steel or aluminum, the ones not in donation-condition can typically be recycled. It is a win-win for you and the environment!

Learn more about our washer and dryer recycling services by dialing (816) 430-2367 now.

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