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You’re Way Too Cool for That Old Fridge

Did you know your old refrigerator could be costing you as much as $150 a year in excess electric bills? If you are getting ready to upgrade to a new fridge, but don’t want to deal with hauling the old one away, The Junkluggers can help! You can leave your old fridge right where it is and our team of junk removal professionals can come take it off your hands and bring it to an appropriate recycling facility.

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Did You Know?

By law, refrigerators should not be thrown away or taken to the dump because they contain toxic elements like oils and refrigerants. You can rest assured that our team will take your fridge to the appropriate location and ensure all the materials are properly disposed of. Metal and insulation from your fridge are most likely able to be recycled.

When you reach out to The Junkluggers, not only are you saving yourself the hassle of removing this heavy appliance from your property, you are also saving the planet by ensuring your unit is going to the right place. If we are able to donate your refrigerator, you can look forward to receiving a tax-deductible receipt by mail.

Contact us at (800) 819-6331 for more information about our fridge removal services. We proudly offer free estimates for your convenience!

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