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The Junkluggers of Northwest DC

The Junkluggers Trucks

The Junkluggers Trucks

Learn more about our iconic green trucks & professional luggers

How big are our junk removal trucks? Are luggers insured? Great questions! Learn more about our trucks and local luggers below.

The Junkluggers was founded in 2004 and has since transformed into a trusted, nationwide franchise. Over the years, we've kept the customer at the forefront of our mission. From customer service to the equipment we handle, The Junkluggers experience is designed to exceed your standards.

The Junkluggers truck

Truck & equipment specifications

You can't miss The Junkluggers trucks!

Our signature bright green trucks have become a staple of eco-friendly junk removal. These industry-sized trucks are custom built and bigger than traditional dump trucks.

  • 16 cubic yards*
  • Can hold the volume of 10 standard refrigerators
  • Equivalent to a studio apartment or small one-bedroom apartment
  • Stocked with a dolly, hand truck, basic toolbox, shovel, and broom
  • Our friendly luggers are trained to stack your items in such a way that they can fit as much as possible, giving you the most value for your dollar.

* Exact truck dimensions may vary slightly by location.

More about our professional junk haulers

Every local Junkluggers franchise is backed by our national brand, so anytime a lugger arrives at your home or business you can expect professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency.

  • Insured & professionally trained: All luggers are prepared to navigate challenging junk removal situations.
  • Carefully sort items: Our luggers will sort and separate anything that can be donated, recycled, or repurposed.
  • Make great use of space: Luggers will stack and sort items in a way that maximizes the space available on our trucks, so you're getting better service for less.
  • Kind, patient, & empathetic: Oftentimes our services are needed during challenging and transitional times in people's lives. Our luggers understand the sentimental value that items may have and take great care to be sensitive and a source of aid in what may be a difficult situation.

Visit our locations page to find your local Junkluggers! You can view their network of Charity Partners and see recent junk removal projects right in your neighborhood. Book your free, no-obligation estimate today!

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Zip code: 20149

Your Local Junkluggers is

The Junkluggers of Northwest DC

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