Curbside Pickup

The Junkluggers offers discounted curbside pickup

Do you have a broken down appliance you’d like to recycle and dispose of in an environmentally friendly way? Or old sofa you’d like to donate for a reduced rate? If you are willing to do some of the labor yourself to save, then our curbside pickup program is for you!

In select areas, we are picking up large pieces of furniture or appliances for a greatly reduced minimum price. If you are willing and able to bring the item you’d like removed to the curb, we are able to pick it up for you at a steep discount. As always, we do our best to donate it on your behalf and will send you a tax deductible receipt for any donated items just as we would with our regular eco-friendly junk removal pickup service.

How Curbside Pickup Works
  1. Give us a call at 800-584-5865 to briefly describe your item and schedule a day for pickup.
  2. Bring your item to the curb before 8 am on the scheduled pickup day. (For many of our customers it is easier for them to bring the item to the curb the day before.) To receive the Curbside Discount, all items MUST be on the curb. Any items left in the driveway or lawn will not qualify for the discount.
  3. We do our best to donate or recycle your item and provide you with a tax deductible receipt within 14 business days. Since weather can become a factor when items are on the curb, protecting your item from the elements with a tarp will greatly increase the odds of your item being accepted by a local donation center. Our luggers will fold up and place the tarp securely by your door unless other specific instructions are given.
  4. Since you may not be home at the time of pickup, we do require a credit card on file that we will charge at the time of the pickup.

* Please note that our curbside pickup program is not available in all areas, so please give one of our friendly call center representatives a ring to see if this service is available in your town.

800-LUG-JUNK (800-584-5865) or Book Now Online