Green Guarantees

A message from our CEO Josh Cohen:

“Here at The Junkluggers, we are committed to our customers and the environment. The only thing we care about more than your items is your experience. To ensure that you receive the greatest experience possible, we are dedicated to providing you the following Green Guarantees with every service we perform.

Peace, Love & Junk!
– Josh Cohen”

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Donation Receipts

Helping others and helping the environment is our focus. We look to DONATE first and RECYCLE second. Only items that cannot be donated or recycled will be disposed of. If we are able to donate items on your behalf, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt within 14 business days for any items donated. This can offset some or all of the cost of our service. Everyone wins!

* Ultimately, the donation centers we partner with have the final say in what items they accept. We cannot guarantee your items will be donated and a donation receipt provided, but we will do our very best to find a donation center for your items.

On-Time Arrival

We value your time. We try to schedule the most convenient 2-hour arrival window to fit your busy schedule. When we do not show up within that 2-hour window, we provide you with a discount for the inconvenience.

If we arrive less than 30 minutes late we provide an automatic 5% off the total bill. If we arrive more than 30 minutes late we provide an automatic 10% off.

* Same day bookings and changed appointments do not apply.

Price Assurance

If we quote you an on-site estimate, we guarantee the final price will never be more than the price originally quoted. In fact, sometimes you will even pay less if your items fill up less space in our trucks than what we originally estimated. So you never have to fear paying more than you are quoted, we guarantee it.

* Items added AFTER an agreement on price has been reached are subject to price change.

100% Satisfaction

We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, let us know and we will make it right.


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