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Hoarding is Unhealthy – We Can Help

We all like to have a few knickknacks in our house, but when things get out of control, it becomes unhealthy. A home that is absolutely cluttered with random objects, trash, debris, and generic junk is a telltale sign that someone living there is a hoarder. Obsessive hoarding not only presents a hazardous living situation, but also causes intense stress and discomfort for the hoarder and others close to them. The Junkluggers of Gainesville is here to help.

Actions and behaviors that are indicative of hoarding:

  • Compulsively collecting possessions without purpose
  • Buying new things every day
  • Picking up “free” discarded objects off the street to bring home
  • Refusing to discard any possession, even if it is an empty product box
  • Inability to safely organize collections and possessions

You or your loved one can overcome hoarding with our junk removal services in Gainesville. Call (571) 386-2824 today.

Clearing Out Hoarding Situations

Our team at The Junkluggers of Gainesville knows that hoarders are often highly sensitive about their obsessive-compulsive collection behaviors. We take extra care to approach the situation with respect, care, and an understanding approach to make the process of removing the excess junk stress-free.

Hoarding behaviors originate from common reasons why people keep items:

  • Items are kept because they have sentimental value tied to an important person or event.
  • Items are kept for utility value due to the item’s possible usefulness.
  • Items are kept for aesthetic value because it is beautiful, attractive, etc.

It is important to come to the realization that hoarding is characterized by an exaggeration of these three item values. The exaggeration of the value can make a hoarder feel almost as if an item is a charm, and something bad will happen if it is thrown away. Over time, the possessions become so numerous, it becomes impossible to organize them and clutter takes over the home. This is when something must be done to keep the living space safe.

The Junkluggers of Gainesville Has a Unique Approach to Junk Removal

Hoarders often cannot stand the thought of putting a possession in a landfill, but may be convinced to get rid of an item if it will go to good use somewhere else. This is how The Junkluggers of Gainesville helps hoarders the most. Instead of taking everything right to the dump, the junk we remove is first sorted to see what can be donated or recycled. This allows a hoarder to feel good about their decision to get rid of their unneeded possessions. However, keep in mind, items may be in poor condition and must be discarded.

You can help yourself or your loved one break free from the hoarding cycle by coming to The Junkluggers of Gainesville. We are absolutely dedicated to making the process of junk removal to free up a hoarder’s home easy and stress-free with our genuinely compassionate and sensitive approach to the situation.

Call (571) 386-2824 to get a free onsite estimate on our hoarding cleanup services in Gainesville.

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