Junk Removal Business Support 

Here for our Junkluggers whenever you need us

One of the benefits of joining a fun and emerging brand like The Junkluggers is our size. As a new franchisee, you will receive the one-on-one support and attention you need to grow your business quickly and confidently. You'll have our CEO's cell phone number and be able to reach him at any time with any concerns you have about your business. You'll also have access to the entire corporate support team, who will be there for you from day one.

Your fellow franchisees will also be a huge support system for you. You're not alone in growing and running a new business. Your fellow franchisees have all gone through the exact same process when becoming a part of The Junkluggers family. You'll be able to share your common experiences and learn from each other.

Want to know the steps to success? Contact us today to learn about owning your own junk removal business!

  • Dedicated Franchise Coach

    Your franchise coach will support you every step of the way – from the first steps of the process to acting as a sounding board for ideas while you manage your franchise.

    Your franchise coach will provide:

    • Help with understanding the metrics of the business
    • Guidance with pre-training activities
    • Targets and activities to ramp up the business quickly
    • Help in staying focused on the big picture
    • A safe space to discuss any challenges in growing the business
    • Accountability to help you achieve the success you want
  • Operations & Peer Support

    Not only will you be able to rely on your franchise coach, but also on our experienced corporate team for support in the day-to-day operation of your business. With our years of experience in the field, we've established comprehensive training programs to educate our franchisees on the most efficient and cost-effective ways to manage your junk removal business. We've been lugging junk since 2004 and have spent this valuable time perfecting our operations.

    Our unparalleled support includes:

    • Classroom and field training programs
    • Custom-built software
    • A centralized call center
  • Finance Support

    Whether you are seeking financing or registering your entity before you open, we are here to support you and your financial decisions through the entire process. You will work directly with our CFO to formalize and finalize a financial plan to track your success and plan for the future.

    Our extensive financial support includes:

    • Business formation: We will assist you in creating your legal entity and registering for all necessary licenses and permits.
    • Financing options: We do not offer financing, but we will work with you to find third-party financing options should the need arise. Options include traditional debt financing as well as retirement fund financing.
    • Budgeting and projections: Starting with the information you have gathered, we will formalize and finalize an operating budget for your business.
    • Accounting and bookkeeping: We will review best practices to ensure you are accurately capturing and recording financial data.
    • Reporting: Our internal software program provides real-time reports to assist you in analyzing key metrics of your business. You will have access to revenue, expenses, and operational data at all times.
    • Financial analysis: From reviewing your results against your budget to analyzing cash flow, we want to make sure you understand how your business is doing.
    • Preferred vendors: We work with numerous preferred vendors to make your life easier. From merchant services to payroll services, we have researched the best in each field and have established relationships with them.
  • Marketing Support

    We make attracting and retaining a local customer base easy with our marketing expertise. Our in-house team of dedicated, best-in-class marketing partners will help with everything - so you can rest assured knowing that our marketing team is always right beside you!

    Our marketing support includes:

    • Sales
    • Networking
    • National website & SEO (search engine optimization)
    • Local Google Ads advertising
    • Content writing and design
    • Direct mail campaigns
    • Email marketing campaigns
    • Social media
Investing in a junk removal franchise partnership

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With The Junkluggers, you are fully supported in your junk removal business venture. Contact us today to learn more!