Hear From Our Owners

Photo of Cameron Robinson
"The Junkluggers is an organization that has made the commitment to aggressive growth while maintaining strong eco-friendly core values."
Cameron Robinson Owner of The Junkluggers of San Diego
Photo of James Meyers
"We reviewed several opportunities as a family and The Junkluggers staff made us feel like a part of the team and they allowed us to work within our desired territories."
James Myers Owner of Luggers of Wilmington
Photo of Jakub Mochon
"On the business side, I like the relatively low investment as compared to the revenue potential of a Junkluggers franchise. I like the support of the business by the long-term trends (i.e. downsizing of baby boomers and an increased focus on environmental responsibility."
Jakub Mochon Owner of The Junkluggers of Berks, Chester, and Lancaster
Photo of Zach Cohen
"I love the junk business and I really like the culture and brand of The Junkluggers. They seem to be aligned with my current mission and values. I can tell THEY HAVE FUN, and that is very important to me."
Brian Thurston Owner of The Junkluggers of Baltimore
Photo of Zach Cohen
"Owning a Junkluggers franchise is the perfect balance of support and empowerment. The Junkluggers has many channels of support (Customer Loyalty Center, Franchise Support, Accounting/Finance, Marketing, Business Coach) and someone is always available when needed, but also trusts its franchisees to make important decisions without micromanaging."
Zach Cohen Owner of The Junkluggers of Manhattan & Brooklyn
Photo of Francis Hill
"The support I receive from Junkluggers is beyond comparison. Right off the bat, Junkluggers proved to truly enjoy the franchise experience and give it's franchisees a voice while tailoring themselves to fit the needs of each individual owner. I choose junk removal mainly because I had the unique experience of working in the industry prior to investing in my own franchise. The junk removal industry from a franchised perspective is also a relatively new service for many consumers so I enjoyed fact that I was part of something with so much growth potential. Additionally, the need for our specific services will always be in demand, even during times of economic uncertainty."
Francis Hill Owner of The Junkluggers of Queens & Nassau