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Photo of Jack Schmidt
"We chose Junkluggers because of the donation angle and their eco-friendliness. We donate about 80% of what we collect."
Jack Schmidt Owner of The Junkluggers of Bucks County
Photo of Pete Ybarra
"I've always felt it would be easier to be successful in a team environment where not only could you rely on extra help from the franchisor and some of the experience that they've had to build the business model, but also where you could rely upon the help from the other franchisees who have been through the system, made some of the mistakes possibly and learn from their experience."
Pete Ybarra Owner of The Junkluggers of North Dallas
Photo of Zach Cohen
"Owning a Junkluggers franchise is the perfect balance of support and empowerment. The Junkluggers has many channels of support (Customer Loyalty Center, Franchise Support, Accounting/Finance, Marketing, Business Coach) and someone is always available when needed, but also trusts its franchisees to make important decisions without micromanaging."
Zach Cohen Owner of The Junkluggers of Manhattan & Brooklyn
Photo of James Leavey
"Obviously it's a business model that works. There's a track record, The Junkluggers has been a successful business for years. That becomes quite evident during the discovery process."
James Leavey Owner of The Junkluggers of New Haven County
Photo of Francis Hill
"The support I receive from Junkluggers is beyond comparison. Right off the bat, Junkluggers proved to truly enjoy the franchise experience and give it's franchisees a voice while tailoring themselves to fit the needs of each individual owner. I choose junk removal mainly because I had the unique experience of working in the industry prior to investing in my own franchise. The junk removal industry from a franchised perspective is also a relatively new service for many consumers so I enjoyed fact that I was part of something with so much growth potential. Additionally, the need for our specific services will always be in demand, even during times of economic uncertainty."
Francis Hill Owner of The Junkluggers of Queens & Nassau
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