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5 Steps To Owning A Junkluggers Franchise

Becoming a junk removal franchise owner

If you're ready to take control of your future with your own junk removal business opportunity, it's time to take the next steps! With us, you go into business for yourself, but not by yourself.

We offer multiple support channels, including franchise, accounting, finance, and marketing assistance. We have refined our process into five simple steps. You can start your path toward a cleaner environment and a brighter future today.

  • Step One: Review Your Goals & Needs

    We start with a discussion on your background, which will help us learn your goals and needs. We then review our history, our industry, and why our operating units are seeing such rapid growth.

    We strongly believe that no matter how good our model is, if it doesn't meet the goal of our franchisees, then it's just not a good fit for everyone.

  • Step Two: Answer Questions & Review Investment Requirements

    We answer your basic questions - How much do I need to invest? How long does it take to ramp up? How much can I earn? This discussion will highly focus on your territory. We'll move onto your initial investment in that territory along with some historical data about what kind of revenue our units have produced. We'll look at a snapshot of benchmarked revenue vs expenses, which will help project what you could earn.

    After this discussion, we'll ask you to complete our Request for Consideration form. Once we receive it, we'll forward you our most current Franchise Disclosure Document and a link to a behavioral assessment, which helps us look closely at your transferable skills.

  • Step Three: What We Expect & How You Can Count On Us

    This is our last formal presentation. We'll get into more specifics about training, support, and how to grow the business. We'll finish the conversation with what we expect from you and what you can count on from us.

  • Step Four: Meet The Junkluggers CEO & Founder, Josh Cohen

    Now is when you'll get to spend some time with our CEO and founder, Josh Cohen. Josh will ask you some questions about how you see yourself in our business and give you a chance to ask him pretty much whatever you like.

  • Step Five: Headquarters Tour

    Your last step takes you to Connecticut for a Discovery Day, which will include:

    • Touring our flagship operations in Stamford, CT and seeing firsthand how we run an operation with over a dozen trucks
    • Riding along on a truck and seeing firsthand what our business is all about
    • Visiting our corporate headquarters in beautiful Seymour, CT
    • Witnessing the Appointment Center in action
    • Viewing a demonstration of our proprietary web-based software
    • Meeting with each department head one on one

    By the end of your visit you will have a solid sense of our company culture and we'll both know if we're headed towards a win-win relationship.

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