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Junkluggers Remix Market

What's a junk removal business doing selling furniture and other household items? The answer is quite simple: We are sticking to our MISSION. Sometimes, keeping things out of landfills means finding new homes for them on our own. Whether we are simply giving an old dresser a good cleaning, updating the paint color of an unwanted cabinet or completely upcycling an old piano, it's amazing to see how much “junk” we are able to salvage, restore, and find new homes for.

The Junkluggers' Remix Market endeavor is not just about repurposing things - it's also about restoring hope within the communities we serve. Through our everyday purpose-driven business practices Remix Market is helping the environment and our community by locally donating, reusing and supporting charities.

What does junk removal have to do with a charity program?

At first glance, Remix Market may not seem to have much in common with The Junkluggers, but when you stop to consider why our team lugs junk, you'll quickly realize what we have in common:

We are both dedicated to keeping usable materials out of landfills. Remix Market is simply one of the many ways The Junkluggers pursues and achieves this goal. It also gives us the opportunity to serve a variety of markets and then donate a portion of our profits to a local charity.

For example, Remix Market’s offerings of gently-used, but no longer wanted, wares allows people with lower incomes to furnish their homes for less. Many of these bargain buyers are recent college grads or young couples furnishing their first home. In addition, Remix Market works with interior decorators and designers who are looking for unique pieces for their clients, and with DIYers who are looking for that special piece to upcycle.

The Junkluggers franchise partners are proud to donate a portion of sales to a local charity of their choice.

What this means for you

Remix Market gives The Junkluggers the opportunity to build brand awareness with a wider audience. As a Junkluggers franchise partner, you can play a role in a company that appeals to many different types of people and helps countless individuals obtain a higher quality of life.

Not only does it feel good to give back, it feels great to help your own community and grow a successful business in the process - everybody wins!

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