Who We're Looking For

Are you the ideal candidate?

Moving forward in life always involves a certain amount of risk. Fortunately, The Junkluggers has answers to all your questions. We don't want you to become one of our beloved partners until you've had every single one of them answered.

Where our owners are from

Our successful junk removal franchise partners come from all walks of life, different generations, and a wide variety of backgrounds. We've got young professionals, MBAs, CPAs, millennials, and semi-retired baby-boomers. Some of our owners forged partnerships as friends, others as family members. A few have extensive backgrounds in the franchise industry, others don't, and a handful even worked on trucks as luggers before buying their own territories!

On the surface, The Junkluggers owners might look very different. But what binds them together and makes them an ideal, super-powered team are the core values they emulate.

Our ideal franchise candidate will share the same values identified by our current franchise owners:

  • Care deeply about people and a job well done: "Our commitment is to our customers and customer service, and it's why we've gotten so many repeat and referred customers. We make our customers happy and comfortable."
  • Enjoy building and motivating teams: "I'm passionate about building a team and I've always made it my priority. It's my biggest investment. You can't do this by yourself. I have amazing guys around me because we hire quality."
  • Believe in the brand and company culture: "The Junkluggers is setting the new bar for junk removal and setting the bar for customer service. We follow up and our standards are very high."
  • Know business owners look out for each other and always do the right thing, even when no one's looking: "If I can build my business and help others who were in my shoes, knowing there's strength in numbers, ultimately it's a win-win for everyone involved."
  • Have a passion for protecting the environment and bettering their communities: "I tell people we have donated enough furniture to furnish 48 three-bedroom houses and kept 60 tons of material out of the landfill by recycling. We've kept track and we've got those numbers."
  • Appreciate the value of sound business advice and established processes and procedures: "Building a business is a big undertaking. Developing software, building branding, and marketing. It would have been so difficult on our own. With a franchise, someone's done this for you. If you're looking to start a business, there are a lot of advantages to a franchise."
  • Are hardworking, flexible, fun, energetic, and appreciate the same attributes in the management team: "When we met with CEO, Josh Cohen, we really liked him and just really felt comfortable with the whole management team. They're very receptive to feedback and ideas and know that our success is vital to their growth. We're all in this together."

Your experience and The Junkluggers

Whether you're an entrepreneur, veteran, recent graduate, young professional, or semi-retired individual, our eco-friendly junk removal business opportunity may be perfect for you!

  • Entrepreneurs

    The Junkluggers is a young franchise that supports your growth as an entrepreneur and strongly believes our franchisees should have an active role in determining the future of the company. Not only will the decisions you make as a Junkluggers franchise owner help influence the direction and goals of the company overall, but you can be proud that you're making a positive impact on your community and the environment at the same time. Women also play a vital role in the development and future of The Junkluggers – we'd love to bring more businesses with women at the helm to the marketplace.

    You've done things the "traditional" way your entire life. Now it's time to break out of the cubicle, ditch the routine, and do things your way. Buying a Junkluggers franchise puts you in charge of not only your own business but also your life. The skills and experience you've gained in your corporate years will lend themselves perfectly to business ownership: you work well with a team of dedicated people, make decisions in the face of ambiguity, and share the knowledge you gain with your team.

    Are you:

    • An experienced middle-manager who thinks outside the box?
    • Ready to work for yourself instead of someone else?
    • Not the kind of person who jumps in before you have all the facts?
    • Always delivering more than what's expected of you?

    Do you:

    • Believe in the value of hard work?
    • See mistakes as opportunities to learn and do a better job next time around?
    • Work best when you believe in what you're doing?
  • Veterans

    There are hundreds of franchise opportunities for veterans and they all advertise themselves as ideal. But how can a veteran determine if a franchise is truly a good fit? Start by examining the structure of the franchise itself.

    Franchise ownership offers veterans a viable alternative to dead-end, low-paying, boring jobs. This allows them to tailor-fit careers to their skills and interests all while helping take control of their financial futures.

    Combined with veteran’s discounts, franchise ownership can be an excellent path to small business ownership. We’ve discovered that veterans are the quintessential franchise candidate – it only makes sense. Therefore, we are actively pursuing the honorable, hardworking men and women who have so bravely protected our country.

    Why owning a Junkluggers franchise is perfect for veterans:

    • Our policies and procedures are structured enough to support a successful business environment but flexible enough to allow for self-efficacy.
    • Vets have skill sets and personality traits that are aligned with The Junkluggers' core values: hardworking and honorable team players who build morale and rapport with their employees, manage the day-to-day operations with ease, and implement corporate policies with precision and dedication.
    • We're offering a $5,000 discount off the initial franchise fee to honorably discharged veterans.
  • Recent Graduates

    When someone asks The Junkluggers CEO, Josh Cohen why he went to college 'just to become a garbage man' he tells the story of one of his first customers. The elderly Mrs. Leer would call him to her home nearly every week as she sorted through boxes of her childrens' old belongings and other discarded items that she couldn't justify keeping around any longer but couldn't bear to throw away. Josh quickly realized that the service he provided was more than a simple garbage pickup to Mrs. Leer. He promised her that her lifelong memories would be recycled and not left to rot away in a landfill.

    Josh broke out of the traditional corporate post-college rut and forged his own path as a millennial business owner. Now he's committed to helping other young college grads break the mold. If there's one thing we know you do well, it's buck tradition. If you'd rather avoid the corporate grind and invest your time and money in a business that offers flexibility, freedom, and a positive impact on your community and environment, The Junkluggers franchise is perfect for you.

    Are you:

    • Fresh outta college, ready to blaze your own path?
    • Focused on long-term goals?
    • Compassionate, people-oriented, and eager to learn?

    Do you:

    • Feel sick thinking about being in an office all day?
    • Want to make your mark and help your community?

    Can you:

    • Imagine yourself as a successful business owner?
    • See mistakes as temporary setbacks and learning experiences?
    • Bring your enthusiasm and ideas to help the entire team succeed?
  • Young Professionals

    You're at one of those infamous, life-changing crossroads and we know your choices may seem scary. Even if you have no experience as a business owner, our supportive, family-like atmosphere and closely-knit network of franchise peers and leaders will help you find your way as an aspiring entrepreneur.

    We've created a working environment that allows you to be your own boss, enjoy the flexibility of business ownership, and still allows you to gain valuable skills and experience, which will keep your business thriving. But we're not all work and no play! Our open, welcoming team dynamic invites you to relax and enjoy downtime with your teammates. When you work with The Junkluggers, everyone from your parents to baby brother can get involved as you do your part to positively impact your communities and environment. Best of all, with easy-to-use technology platforms and plenty of financing options, we can work together to find the best way to get your business started — and keep it growing.

    Are you:

    • In the early stages of your career?
    • Eager to invest wisely and build a business?
    • Lacking a bit in the experience department?

    Do you:

    • Have inspiring role models?
    • Know that hard-work and passion trump experience?
    • Know being part of a top-notch team increases your odds of success?

    Can you:

    • Bring enthusiasm to the table?
    • Work so hard no one can ignore you?
    • Fail, then fail better the next time around?
  • Semi-Retired Professionals

    You’ve built an admirable career working for someone else. Now it’s time to take what you’ve accomplished and put it to work for yourself. With the waste industry transitioning towards more junk removal and reuse as more recycling programs are implemented, you can invest in our eco-friendly junk removal business with confidence.

    The Junkluggers franchisees enjoy the flexibility and freedom of self-employment with the unwavering support of experienced business owners to offer guidance on tough business challenges. CEO, Josh Cohen prides himself on having built an ethical and trustworthy company where doing the right thing for customers, employees, communities, and the environment is a top priority.

    The Junkluggers franchise is easy to adapt as your business changes and grows. It also provides the freedom for you to delegate management of on-the-ground operations while maintaining the less labor-intensive business administration yourself. Best of all, you’ll have access to top-notch training in marketing, sales, and operations as well as support from our experienced tech support team.

    Are you:

    • Proud of your successful career, but ready to try something new?
    • Looking for a change of pace?
    • Ready to build a strong team you can trust to run your business?

    Can you:

    • Work smarter, not harder?
    • Ask the right questions and leverage your experience to build a team?
    • Solve problems creatively?


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