A Bright Green, Lush History

From a One-Man Project to a Nationwide Franchise

While CEO Josh Cohen was studying in Australia during a semester abroad from the University of Connecticut, the idea for The Junkluggers came to him like a bolt of lightning. He and his friends were drinking boxed wine and singing to a friend’s guitar when one of them mentioned making $100 for lugging away a neighbor’s fridge. Josh then thought, “Hey, I can do that!”

The year was 2004, and upon his return to the U.S., 21-year-old Josh Cohen hit the streets to hand out homemade fliers all around town, starting by going door to door informing his neighbors that he was a professional, responsible college student who was able and willing to donate or recycle as many of their items as he could. Soon, the phones began to ring and Josh quickly realized there was a demand for reliable, professional, and environmentally focused junk removal services.

He built his business from the ground up, first by borrowing his mom’s SUV. Later, he would add a trailer for bigger jobs, hand stenciling the company name on the sides of the trailers wooden walls his Dad helped him build. A year later, Josh purchased Old Rusty, a (mostly) reliable dump truck that wasn’t much to look at, but got the job done.

Josh was also especially passionate about his customers, and has always treated their property with care while striving to keep as much out of landfills as possible. He noticed from his very first job that the “junk” he was hauling away was often so much more than that to his customers. He saw that he was often removing memories and items that had a lot of sentimental value. Early on, he spent a lot of one on one time with one neighbor/customer clearing out her home for sale after her husband of 48 years had passed away. Another client living around the corner was cleaning out her basement after all the kids had gone to college. As Josh carefully carried items up and out, his customers would follow him talking fondly about the family memories from each box, or toy, or closet of clothes or piece of furniture. He felt a strong conviction in his heart that he couldn’t just throw all of those memories in the trash. This is where the story began.

Becoming a Franchise

As the original corporate territory expanded, Josh realized he was spreading himself a little thin overseeing operations in Connecticut, New York City, Long Island, and Northern New Jersey. In 2013, he decided to start franchising. The Junkluggers is now operating franchised locations all over the country and there are many more to come. We are proud to have the experience, the corporate team, and the passion to help others achieve their dreams of small business ownership in this growing service industry.


- 2004 -

Junkluggers DurangoOur CEO, Josh Cohen, founded Junkluggers using his mom’s Dodge Durango SUV, removing junk to make money while in college. He developed customers by handing out homemade flyers, sharing his eco-friendly mission while working hard to be reliable and professional with every single customer.

- 2005 -

Junkluggers TrailerJosh expanded with new equipment when he bought a trailer to help haul away more junk and serve more customers.

- 2006 -

Junkluggers TruckWe added our first truck and continued to expand our community-oriented, environmentally-friendly junk removal services.

- 2007 -

Junkluggers Trucks

Our service area expanded to include all of Fairfield County in Connecticut. So, we hired staff members to work on our trucks and our first office employee. After our first big truck in 2006, we were excited to double down in 2007 and get another dump truck. With two trucks we expanded our service area, daily number of jobs, and revenue generation, while still focusing on our dual commitments to providing top-notch service to each customer and finding environmental solutions by recycling and donating.

- 2008 -

We then expanded into Westchester County, NY and purchased two more trucks for a total of four trucks with a daily hauling capacity of over sixteen tons. Our enthusiastic and hardworking staff grew to about fifteen employees across New York and Connecticut.

- 2010 -

Junkluggers Team in 2010 By 2010, we had expanded into New York City, with a team of thirty-five and ten trucks. We were hauling up to forty tons a day in our busy season and, more exciting than that, we now felt we could confidently prove that our dual missions of recycling while providing the best customer service possible proved to be a business model with incredible potential.

- 2012 -

Junkluggers in New YorkJust eight years from the initial idea and beginning service, Junkluggers has expanded into much of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. We are proud to have a fleet of fifteen trucks, employ about fifty trained staff members across our territories and have served over 25,000 customers.

- 2013 -

Junkluggers Map

Launched Junkluggers Franchising company with the mission to expand the Junkluggers brand and services into new markets. With a solid foundation in this growing service industry, we have the experience, the corporate team and the passion to help others achieve their dreams of small business ownership.

Contact us at (855) 295-9255 to learn more about our story and our junk removal franchise opportunities.

Did You

  • Landfills are becoming overpopulated.
  • Helping others and helping the environment is our focus.
  • We are proud to be the first junk removal company to be truly eco-friendly.
  • We kept fourteen million pounds of junk out of landfills in 2017.
  • Most of our material gets donated or recycled through our Remix Market program.
  • We're aiming for 100% eco-friendly disposal by 2025
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