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zip code: 20149

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The Junkluggers of Northwest DC

The Junkluggers Is Proud to Be the Leader in Sustainable Junk Removal

Why do we charge for donation pickup?

Many charities offer to pick up donations directly - but at their convenience, not yours. Also, most charities that accept donations have limitations on what they will accept.

When you use The Junkluggers to take away unwanted items, you enjoy the benefit of a pick-up window that works with your schedule. Plus, we provide our customers with the confidence in knowing that what can't be donated will be repurposed or recycled if possible.

We pick up, drop off, and give back!

Plain and simple, The Junkluggers aims to donate everything we can. We work closely with a variety of charities that accept clothing, furniture, building supplies, and almost any other junk you can think of.

The Junkluggers collects and sorts your items, and finds the perfect solution to help the community without hurting the environment. What you may see as trash can often be utilized in some way by someone else.

Giving back with The Junkluggers is rewarding!

Remember, every time we donate anything from your home or office, we will collect a tax-deductible receipt that can help balance out the cost of our services. We also guarantee that you’ll receive your receipt within 14 business days.

Junk Removal Donation

Our mission:

To enhance lives, our communities, and the environment
by donating, repurposing, recycling, and supporting local charities.

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zip code: 20149

Your Local Junkluggers is

The Junkluggers of Northwest DC

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