Dallas Junk Removal- Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Comes to North Dallas

Dallas Junk Removal- Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Comes to North Dallas


New Dallas junk removal franchise, The JunkLuggers, comes to North Dallas

North Texas is now home to eco-friendly, sustainable junk removal service by  The Junkluggers, a Dallas junk removal service. Dallas native Pete Ybarra and his wife Cynthia opened their location in November. The local North Texas business is the first Junkluggers location outside of its home in the northeastern United States, and The Junkluggers is one of the top eco-friendly brands in the junk removal industry.

Pete Ybarra brings extensive business experience to The Junkluggers brand, having owned and operated Domino’s Pizza franchises throughout the Dallas area for over 30 years. Ybarra was immediately attracted to the rich culture and brand visibility — visibility that paid off almost immediately when Ybarra was stopped in his new, bright green truck while driving between The Junkluggers headquarters and his Dallas home. A Tennessee couple also traveling along his route noticed the truck and asked him to take an unused bird cage off their hands. “I wasn’t even halfway home and already had my first customers,” says Ybarra.

Ybarra is eager to help Dallas-area residents put his services to use just in time for Spring cleaning. “It’s a time of year when lots of people will be purging clutter, but they don’t want to throw away things that are in good shape but that they don’t use anymore,” he says. “People want to know that their stuff, even if it’s just junk to others, will be handled with respect and put to good use if possible. For many people, these are boxes and boxes of memories, but it just doesn’t make sense to keep it around anymore.” Ybarra has pledged to uphold The Junkluggers philosophy of environmental stewardship by donating or recycling as much material as possible, a philosophy he says saves his customers time, money, and peace of mind. “People have good intentions, but we’re living in a world that moves faster and faster each day,” Ybarra explains. “They want to donate and recycle, but who has time to drive all over town dropping off donations or sorting recyclable materials? Now, all they have to do is call us, and they can get rid of their excess stuff quickly and easily and feel good about it.”       

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The Junkluggers is the perfect solution for all the junk and clutter hiding in North Dallas area homes.

Since opening his North Dallas-area location, Ybarra has been impressed with his experience as a Junkluggers franchise owner; the company’s service-orientation and eco-friendly focus stands out from other industry players and creates a unique working environment. “I love the family atmosphere,” Ybarra says. “They really care about their customers and their franchisees, and I know they have my back.”

The feeling is mutual; Junkluggers CEO Josh Cohen says Pete Ybarra is exactly what they’re looking for in a local business owner. “He is friendly and personable, has proven leadership abilities, high integrity, and a passion for the environment,” Cohen says. “We’re confident that the Ybarras will foster strong ties to their community as business owners and are proud to call them part of The Junkluggers family.”

North Texas residents are fortunate to have a steward of the community and environment to help ease the burden of the Spring cleaning. For those getting an early start on their annual purge, Pete Ybarra is standing by, sleeves rolled up, ready to do the heavy lifting.

For more information or to schedule The Junkluggers, call  1-800-LUG-JUNK, or visit The Junkluggers website. For more information about becoming a Junkluggers franchise owner, visit our franchise site.


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