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Every year the world dumps billions of tons of waste that pollutes our planet. Much of what is thrown out is material that can be reused or recycled. Our goal at The Junkluggers of Westerville is to protect the planet by reducing the amount of stuff put into our landfills. We do this by working with residents and businesses of Westerville and the greater Columbus area to remove, repurpose, and recycle unwanted junk. Before taking items to the dump, we sort through everything to see what can be sent to the local Westerville donation or recycling centers.

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Eco-Friendly Removal Services

When you call us to remove your unused clutter, you can be sure that our courteous movers will safely and efficiently remove the items from your home or office. Whether you have smaller items like chairs or larger items like a hot tub, The Junkluggers team is happy to help get your stuff off your hands. We will pick it up and haul to the appropriate facility. With our Westerville movers taking care of the entire process, you won’t be burdened with the stress of gathering the items and lugging it to where it needs to go.

Our Westerville services include:

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Not only does removing unwanted furniture, appliances, and electronic devices clear up space in your home, but it also allows your reusable stuff to find a home with a deserving family, giving it a second life. Also, donating your items results in a tax write-off for you. Within two weeks making a donation on your behalf, we will provide you with a tax-deductible receipt. Having The Junkluggers of Westerville lug your stuff from your home can positively impact the community and the planet.

For help getting rid of your stuff, call The Junkluggers at (800) 819-6331.

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