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Nothing pets someone’s materiality on display more than having to move to another home. Relocating to another dwelling shows you how much junk you can accumulate over time. The notion of expending energy to organize, pack, unload, unpack, and locate a space for unwanted possessions is a fast, effective method of prioritizing your junk.

Thankfully, The Junkluggers of Columbus Ohio are here to make sure you don’t have to stress over a mess. Our operation is committed to eco-friendly junk disposal that can keep your community clean by refurbishing functional but undesired goods for donating to charity. The Junkluggers of Columbus Ohio’s vision is to eliminate 100% of our reusable junk from our landfills by 2025.

Ultimately, you and your loved ones get to decide the fate of your old junk by choosing the method we use to get your junk out of your home to help someone in need. You can count on The Junkluggers of Columbus Ohio to unburden you of your material possessions and maximize your new home’s capacity for rest and relaxation.

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Your Junk Is Our Treasure

We understand how hard saying goodbye to objects of sentimental value can be. However, you don’t have to fret about where your former precious possessions end up. The Junkluggers of Columbus Ohio coordinates with local donation centers that can pair your stuff with a nice, new adoptive dwelling. With our donation pick up services, your old belongings won’t find themselves in the middle of a landfill. Not only does this save you from the sting you would feel after literally trashing a memory, but you are also giving those in need an opportunity to experience the joy that item provided for you in the past.

Give us a chance to lift away your old furniture and lift away the burdens of storing it in your home – call us at (614) 490-0747 to receive a free on-site estimate today.

Marble Cliff Residents Can Select from Our Array Removal Services

Don’t turn your living space into a storage space. Call The Junkluggers of Columbus Ohio for eco-friendly junk removal services. Whether you need to divest yourself of cumbersome furniture, safely clear out potential hazards at an industrial work site, or tidy up a handsome estate, our junk lugging team is at your service.

We offer the following services to Columbus residents:

For fast and friendly junk removal services, call The Junkluggers at (614) 490-0747 today.

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