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When you’re tired of extra junk hanging around your house, don’t panic – you don’t need to go out and rent a dumpster of your own just to handle it. At The Junkluggers of Charlotte, we can provide you with a much more eco-friendly and convenient alternative than dumpster rental services.

When you work with The Junkluggers, we’ll take unwanted furniture, appliances, scrap metal, and trash off your hands, keeping your house pristine and your front yard clean. More than that, we’ll strive to donate as much as possible to local charities and nonprofits, because we’re committed to keeping 100% of reusable junk out of landfills by 2025.

Why Charlotte customers prefer Junkluggers to dumpster rentals:

  • We arrive when we say we will. Our courteous junk removal experts always arrive on-time, uniformed, and ready to assist you.
  • We can handle ALL types of junk. Unlike dumpster rental services, we’re not picky. Whether you have E-waste like an old laptop or toxic batteries to discard, we won’t charge you extra fines.
  • We give free, up-front estimates. There are no hidden costs after your estimate, and there are no limits to what we can haul away.
  • We protect the planet. Don’t let your old items rot in a landfill! Our team is passionate about making sure all your items are properly recycled.
  • We donate your stuff to charity. At Junkluggers, we support local nonprofits, and we promise to donate any usable furniture or household goods to a worthy cause. Plus, you’ll get a tax-deductible receipt for every donation!

Why wait to have a clean house again? Call us today at (704) 734-9774 to book our junk removal services.

Downsides to Renting a Dumpster

Although dumpster rental services claim to be convenient, the sad truth is that they’re anything but easy. From endless hidden fees to unsightly views, your dumpster will bring lot of garbage along with it. In some cases, you may even need a permit just to put it outside your house!

Aside from being an eyesore, your dumpster rental may:

  • Take days to arrive at your house
  • Have strict limits about what you can throw away
  • Come without any moving, lugging, or hauling assistance
  • Make you pay based on rental duration, weight, and other factors
  • Take too much time to load and unload
  • Add your junk to growing landfills
  • Require a permit to keep on your street

There’s no reason to detract from your beautiful property by keeping an unwieldy roll-off container of trash out front, for whole weeks at a time. At The Junkluggers of Charlotte, we’ve got a more affordable and efficient solution for all your junk needs. You just have to make one call, and we’ll be there exactly when you need us.

Contact (704) 734-9774 now to schedule a free on-site estimate!

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    1. Schedule a Free, No-Obligation Estimate!

      When you are ready to get rid of your junk, book online or call our Sales Center to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.

    1. Our Luggers Arrive.

      When you book your job or estimate appointment, we will agree on a two-hour arrival window that best fits your schedule — and arrive on time, guaranteed!

    1. Free Estimate with Our Guarantee.

      When our Luggers arrive, just let them know what you’d like them to remove. They will provide you with a no-obligation guaranteed estimate based on our simple price-by-volume formula.

    1. Safely and Quickly Lug Your Items Away.

      If you agree to The Junkluggers guaranteed price, all you need to do is sit back and relax while our team gets to work removing your items right away.

    1. Our Luggers Donate and Recycle!

      The Junkluggers sorts what we lug away — donating, upcycling, and recycling as much as possible. It’s our company mission to be completely landfill free by 2025!

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