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After awhile, too many old appliances and pieces of furniture can start to feel overwhelming. So often, we hold on to certain things for sentimental value, and then before we know it, we find ourselves surrounded by junk. Most of us do not make a conscious choice to clutter our homes, yet it can happen easily nonetheless. And once you’ve got piles and piles of stuff lying around, it can feel like too great of a challenge to take care of all of it on your own. But never fear—if you are worried about the amount of junk you have, there is hope.

At The Junkluggers of Central New Jersey, we provide eco-friendly service that’s designed to declutter your life. We work to accommodate your schedule, which is why we promise to always give you a 2 hour arrival window, and let you know when we are 15-30 minutes away, so you can prepare before we get to your home. Once we are there, all you’ll have to do is point to what you want removed, and we’ll do the rest. Our background-checked junk removers are all pros at heavy lifting, so no matter what you need taken away, we’ve got it covered. And we’ll even sweep your space for you before we leave!

Take back your space today! Just dial (800) 819-6331 to schedule with our Scotch Plains luggers.

The Junkluggers of Central New Jersey: Committed to Helping Our Community, Committed to Helping Our Planet

As a company that cares about our community and our planet, The Junkluggers of Central New Jersey takes our responsibility to dispose of your unwanted items in a green way seriously. We work with a local metal and e-watse recycling center, and we make it our mission to donate as much of what we recycle from your house as possible, and then send that to local donation centers. We’ll even provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for any items donated. Call our Scotch Plains junk removal service today, and discover how good it feels to help the environment for yourself.

The Benefits of Hiring The Junkluggers of Central New Jersey for Your Scotch Plains Home:

  • We provide on-site removal
  • Our staff is experienced and courteous
  • We offer easy online booking

What You Get With Our Friendly Scotch Plains Staff :

  • Fully insured luggers and vehicles
  • Free on-site estimates
  • Eco-friendly services

What About Commercial Service?

We are proud to provide junk removal services to businesses in Scotch Plains.

Call now for assistance in areas such as:

  • Financial services
  • Housing and real estate
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Construction

Don’t let junk overwhelm you! Call The Junkluggers of Central New Jersey at (800) 819-6331 or contact us here.

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