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A Realtor’s Best Friend

Monday, February 18th by Junkluggers

A Realtor’s Best Friend

Being a realtor in Austin, Lake Travis, Lakeway or Westlake is a demanding job. Once you find a client, it is important to stage the home in the best light for the fastest sale at the highest price. In some cases, the home, garage or yard is filled with clutter. Experience shows that it is important to declutter the living space to make it look light, bright and open.

In some cases, we have worked with sellers before a home goes onto the market to remove old playscapes, hot tubs or a weathered shed from the yard. By cleaning up bulky items from outside, a penny spent today drives a higher sales price tomorrow. The same holds true inside the home. Is the old broken treadmill going to your next home? Not likely! So, why not get rid of it today and make the house look bigger. Many times, folks are tempted to simply rent a storage locker to keep their options open. However, having cleaned out our fair share of lockers, if you aren’t using it today, likely you won’t use it tomorrow. Why pay monthly fees only to have to have items removed in the end? We can also supply muscle to help restage a home. We can move heavy items so that you can work on more important things.

Similar services are available when a client moves into a new home and they find that their sofa is 18” to long for the wall! We can also remove all those pesky boxes that are sitting in the garage. If your client wants the old swing set removed today, we can have a set of luggers at their home in hours.

Services offered

  • Shed clean out or removal
  • Garage clean out
  • Household chemical removal
  • Furniture removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Debris removal and clean out
  • Swing set / Playscape disassembly and removal
  • Furniture staging (hourly rate for two luggers)
  • Box removal
  • and more!

Check out our one-minute video to find out how we can help you today.

Peace, love and junk!

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