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5 Tips for Creating More Wardrobe Space

Tuesday, October 24th by Junkluggers

5 Tips for Creating More Wardrobe Space

If you’re like most people, then you’ve probably complained that you can’t fit anything more in your closet at one point in your life. Diminishing wardrobe or closet space is a common problem among many of us, especially those of us that like to buy new clothes with the changing seasons without getting rid of last season’s fashions. If you’re having trouble finding space for the new pair of pants or coat you’ve purchased, here are a few tips on how you can create more wardrobe space in your home.

1. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit

A Women Showing How Big Her Pants Are Around Her WaistMost people often hang onto clothes that don’t fit them anymore, thinking that this will motivate them to lose weight. However, more often than not, these clothes rarely factor into your diet plans after all. If you want to create more storage space, get rid of clothes that are a few sizes smaller by donating them. If you have plans to go on a diet, store the smaller clothes elsewhere like in the attic, but keep one piece out for motivation. You can put the smaller items back in your closet after you’ve actually lost weight.

2. Declutter your closet

Women Sitting On The Floor Decluttering Her ClosetClothes are not the only items that can eat up wardrobe space. Shoes, accessories, and other knick-knacks you have forgotten at the back of your closet can consume much-needed space, too. To free up more space in your closet, remove all the clutter in your wardrobe, including those plastic coverings that come with your dry cleaning (unless for some reason your closet is extremely dusty or you have a moth problem). Use thinner hangers and remove those that are empty, tempting you to buy more clothing to fill them with!

3. Don’t let your floor space go to waste

A Rack Of ClothesIf you have a significant number of long-hanging clothes, chances are the space underneath them is not being used to its full potential. To maximize the floor space inside your wardrobe, gather all your short-hanging clothes and hang them at one of end of your closet and put your long-hanging pieces at the other. This should open up lots of floor space that you can use for your other belongings. Organize shoes or bulky sweaters on a shelf below the shorter items to maximize space.

4. Use the closet door

A Nicely Organized Closet With The Door Also Being Used To Create More SpaceTo create more wardrobe space, use the door of the closet to store smaller pieces of clothing and accessories such as scarves, ties and belts. You can do this by attaching hooks on the closet door where you can hang these items. A slotted shoe holder is another way to maximize space whether you use it for its intended purpose and fill with shoes or use the small pockets to organize other accessories.

5. Let some things go

Multiple Clothes Lined UpOnce you’ve freed up more space in your closet, you need to maintain it! For example, every time you buy a new piece of clothing, you should let something go. This way, you won’t run out of wardrobe space in the future. A good trick is to turn all of your hangers in the opposite direction and mark the day on your calendar. In one year’s time, if the hanger is still facing the other direction, odds are you won’t miss it and it’s safe to donate!

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