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The Long Haul

Tuesday, October 6th by Junkluggers

The Long Haul

In today’s world, and fast-paced environment, it becomes rather easy to forget what is truly important- you know, the simpler things in life. A roof over your head, a warm bed to sleep in, and consistent meals you can depend on. But when you actually take a minute to stop and think, it becomes seemingly obvious that not many people are given the luxury of enjoying these essentials. There are about 2.5 million Americans slipping below the poverty line since the recession- meaning people are in need of our help!

Everyone can contribute by keeping their eyes looking towards donating and re-using. Yes, it is much easier just to take unwanted items to the landfill- I get it, time is precious. However, when it is a gently used bed that could be used by someone sleeping on a hard floor every night, your “junk” truly becomes someone elses treasure.

I have watched the Junkluggers offer their full support in helping different charities, foundations, and individuals in need. It is amazing how far a little effort and compassion will go.

When you are looking to clean out your home, and aren’t sure if your items can be re-used, please don’t hesitate to go that extra mile. Take the extra 5 minutes to pick up the phone and find out if someone on the other end needs your help. Help us help others- and together we can all make a difference!

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