Company History

While CEO Josh Cohen was studying in Australia during a semester break from the University of Connecticut, the idea for The Junkluggers came to him like a bolt of lightning. A friend mentioned that he made $100 hauling away a refrigerator from a neighbor and Josh thought, “Hey, I can do that!” The year was 2004, and upon his return to the U.S., 21 year old Josh “Shuki” Cohen hit the streets handing out homemade fliers all around town. Soon the phones began to ring and Josh quickly realized there was a demand for a reliable, professional and eco-focused junk removal service.

  • 2004

    Josh started out in his mom's Dodge Durango SUV
  • 2005

    One year later, he decided to add a trailer to help lug away some items.
  • 2007

    Josh upgrades (downgrades?) to a pickup truck he affectionately called "Old Rusty"
  • 2008

    The Junkluggers expands from Josh's home area of Fairfield County, CT to Westchester County, NY
  • 2010

    There's tons of junk in New York City! Why not expand even further? The Junkluggers starts to service NYC.
  • 2011

    The next logical step after New York City is Long Island. The Junkluggers keeps growing and growing!
  • 2012

    By 2012, we have a fleet of 14 trucks operating in 5 territories. Not bad considering where we started!
  • 2013- present

    In 2013, we realized that if we wanted to continue to expand, we needed to start franchising. We are now opening franchises all over the country in our pursuit of bringing the most eco-friendly junk removal service to customers all over the country. Interested in opening a Junkluggers of your own? Check out our Junkluggers Franchising website!